Personal Injury Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


At Amber Hall Law, LLC, we focus on the following areas of our personal injury practice:

Slip and Fall Injuries: When a person slips or trips due to the negligence of an individual or business, the person or entity responsible for preventing the hazard may be liable for medical expenses. If the property was not properly maintained, the injured party was not notified of a dangerous condition, or a dangerous condition was not rectified in a timely manner, resulting in injuries, the injured party may be entitled to compensation. These cases, however, can require extensive investigation and evidence, so it is important to have an attorney who is able to handle such matters.

  • Automobile accidents: A fellow driver operating a car impaired or distracted can result in tragedy on the roads. From soft-tissue injuries to spinal cord damage, victims need representation from a Tallahassee, Florida, car accident lawyer who will provide dedicated and aggressive representation. If you’ve been in a car accident, your priority should be tending to your injuries and getting immediate medical assistance. Your health and safety are always first. Having to deal with an insurance company, while important, isn’t the priority at this critical time. Our knowledgeable and caring attorneys are here to assist through this difficult time. Let Amber Hall Law, LLC, be the ones to help you through this challenging event by addressing issues such as:
  • What to do after an accident: After an accident, you are likely to have many questions. Undoubtedly, you want to resume your life and schedule as quickly as possible. Having a qualified attorney is one of the best ways to make that happen. Amber Hall Law, LLC, will be happy to answer all your questions and help you get back to business as soon as possible.
  • Hit-and-Run accidents: As if being in an accident is not frustrating enough, when the responsible party leaves the scene it can be doubly troublesome. With a determined and dedicated attorney, sources of compensation may still be found, even if the other driver is not. Amber Hall Law, LLC, works for you, to make sure you get any compensation you deserve after a hit-and-run.
  • Truck accidents: Truck drivers and their employers are required to adhere to strict federal regulations governing their industry. When those mandates are ignored, truckers operate their massive vehicles fatigued or under the influence. Their negligence puts fellow drivers at risk of serious and deadly injuries.
  • Motorcycle accidents: The physics of a car or truck striking a motorcycle are simple. The motorcyclist is likely to suffer more serious injuries. With or without the protection of a helmet, the physical damage done to an accident victim is life-changing, disabling and potentially fatal.
  • Bicycle accidents: Riding a bicycle is a great way to enjoy exercise and some fresh air, not to mention protecting the environment while maintaining mobility. However, it is important to know the laws that keep everyone safe when sharing the road, and what to do if involved in an accident while riding a bike.
  • Auto injury insurance case value misconceptions: Advertisements, the media, and dishonest injury attorneys would have everyone believe they can be a millionaire for being involved in an accident. Factors that many people think are important may have little or no effect on the compensation an insurance company or jury awards, but attorney Amber Hall breaks down what really does matter when determining case value.
  • Determining fault in an accident: Determining who is at fault, and to what degree, has a huge impact on who is awarded compensation and how much. There are many factors to consider, and often times multiple parties contribute to the accident to a greater or lesser degree.
  • Uninsured Motorist Claims: All Florida drivers must have auto insurance to comply with state laws. This does not mean everybody has adequate insurance because some drivers purchase the minimum coverage required while others take their chances and fail to purchase any insurance at all.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Crosswalks exist to keep pedestrians safe. Motorists failing to notice someone walking across the street must be held accountable. If you were injured or a family member died in a pedestrian or hit-and-run accident, you need an experienced trial attorney.

Nursing home abuse: When you place an elderly or disabled family member into a nursing home, you are establishing a bond of trust with that facility. When neglect or abuse is discovered, you require the help of a seasoned attorney who will protect the victim’s rights and pursue justice on their behalf. People spend a lot of their hard earned money to put their parents in a nursing care facility. They expect their mother or father to be treated with the utmost care, respect, and dignity. When that does not happen, the best way to counter it is through legal action and class lawsuits. Nursing home abuse takes the form of many instances. Some include abusive treatment, neglect or incompetent care.

Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices: Are you the victim of a poorly conceived drug and are suffering from serious side effects and live in Tallahassee, Florida? Oftentimes, these new drugs are released to the public with poor safety testing, all in an effort to take the new drug live. The result of this rushed process can lead to dangerous, unforeseen side effects or damage to your body. Don’t let this go unnoticed. You are most likely entitled to serious financial compensation.

Birth Injury: It’s an unfortunate situation that nobody should ever experience. Nevertheless, it does happen. If you or your newborn child has been injured during birth, whether serious or fatal, please contact Attorney Amber Hall immediately. He can walk you through the legal process and will fight aggressively to get you the compensation that will be needed to pay for your medical expenses and the care of your child.

Spinal Cord or Brain Injury: Brain injuries or spinal cord injuries can permeate permanent, lifetime symptoms. No matter how the initial accident occurred, you may suffer setbacks and complications that will require long-term care and that may last a lifetime. If you were involved in an accident that has caused you to have a long-term spinal cord or brain injury, it’s important to understand your rights. You may be eligible to collect compensation to cover your medical bills and get the treatment needed to deal with these injuries. Proper treatment, if done correctly, can make your life almost back to normal.


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For solid and experienced representation, contact Amber Hall, personal injury lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, call (850) 701-8850 or contact us online to set up your free consultation. We also handle cases much more severe such as serious injuries or even death due to the negligence of another person or company. Call our office today for a consultation. For our clients’ convenience, we accept all major credit cards.


Car Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


The incidents of car accidents are common in the United States. All over the country, people suffer physical and financial losses due to the car accident.

We help the victims to get compensation for the losses and damages that have an impact on their personal lives.

An accident is a traumatic experience where the victim must focus on recovery so they can continue to support their families.
Car accident lawyer Amber Hall handles all the processing and presentation of your legal suit. If you are suffering because of a car accident with no fault of your own, you must reach out to us to get the options to get re-compensation for the damages.


How to Deal with the Situation after the Accident


Make a Police Report
In case of an accident, you must report it to the police detailing the injuries and damages you receive. The police officer will draft the official police accident report and file it in their record.
Gather Information
You need to collect all the necessary details of the other drivers who were in the accident. You need to record essential information such as the name of the driver, the license number, details of driver auto coverage and the details in the car’s license plate.
Go for Medical Treatment
In case of injuries, your priority is to seek medical help for everyone who suffers injuries due to the collision. Even if you feel the injuries are not threatening it is strongly advised to get your wounds inspected by a qualified doctor.
Gather Valid Evidence
If you want to have a strong claim, you must back it up with substantial evidence. It is in your best interest to collect as much information, and evidence you can from the accident scene. Some ways to secure the proof are by taking photographs of the accident scene, recording the injuries, gathering the witness contact details, and getting a copy of the official police report.
Avoid Making any Official Statement
After a crash, it is highly likely to receive a call from the driver’s auto insurance provider. If you are on a call avoid making any statements as the line will be on the record. You are under no obligation to reply to the queries of the insurance company and in all cases the insurance adjuster is not asking you the question to help you, but they are looking for information that they can use against you to bring down the value of your claim.
Obtain Legal Assistance
It is not wise to deal with the matter alone. There are many details and the legal aspect that you cannot take care of, and you cannot put your entire trust in the insurance adjuster, so it is in your best interest to contact attorney Amber Hall.


It Important to Hire the Services of a Legal Consultant


In general, people do not seek lawyer support in making claims. This approach is a big mistake, and it may cost the victim his entire case of winning any claims against the driver and his insurance provider.


Your lawyer will help you in:


  • Reviewing the incident, and do an investigation;
  • Collect and record all valid evidence;
  • Assist you in handling the claims procedures;
  • Make sure that the insurance firms work on your case
  • Handle all communication and documentation with insurance
  • Build the best possible case on your behalf;
  • Work on negotiation to reach an agreement on settlement;
  • If required, raise a lawsuit to get you the claims you


Finding Negligence as a Reason for Vehicle Accidents


Florida has an “at fault” car insurance policy. This policy states that the victim must prove that the accident was due to the negligence of the other driver to raise a claim or ask for re-compensation. The lawyer will assist you to establish the case of negligence by covering the following elements.

Duty: In Florida, all motorists have a responsibility to drive their vehicle with utmost care. You must prove the extent that negligence was observed to practice this duty in your case.
Breach: A breach is violating the necessary safe driving practice. In auto accident incidents, a violation of duty takes many forms, the act of overspeeding, breaking stop signs, failure to yield when required, recklessness and violation of traffic laws, and driving under the influence.
Causation: You will have to prove that the driver is responsible for violating the driving rules and must also show that due to this violation you sustain injuries.
Damages: Lastly, an injured car accident victim can claim damages if they can prove the damages and the loss incurred due to the accident.
You should prepare yourself to deal with an aggressive insurance company that will work hard to refute your claim or to compensate you for the minimum amount as opposed to what you deserve. Amber Hall, car accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida is qualified with experience and skill to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.
Under Florida Provisions, you have up to three years from the date of the accident to make a claim, so do not waste any time to reach out to a car accident attorney who can assist you.


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At the Amber Hall Law, LLC,, we excel in helping our clients win their total claims. Contact us, and our qualified lawyer will provide you with a free no obligation consultation. Located in Northeast, GA, we offer legal support in cases that include:

  • Hit and run
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Tractor trailer accidents


Hit And Run Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Personal injury claims focus on holding negligent parties accountable for the injuries and death they cause. However, accidents can occur with the party leaving the scene of an accident. While challenges exist in these complex cases, Amber Hall, hit and run lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, is dedicated to helping injured victims and grieving family members overcome the obstacles and secure justice on their behalf.


A Dedicated and Diligent Hit And Run Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Whether the responsible party is found or not, sources of compensation still exist. It is possible to secure damages that reflect the injuries suffered by a victim or the grief a family is experiencing following a wrongful death. Going after the responsible driver’s insurance company may not be possible. However, justice can still be served by pursuing compensation from the accident victim’s insurance policy.

At Amber Hall Law, LLC, we understand that hit-and-run accidents combine emotionally charged issues with legal complexities. Hit and run lawyer Amber Hall dedicates his resources and employs his skills — including those developed at trial — to pursuing the best outcome on behalf of his clients. From securing witness statements to reviewing medical records with the help of experts, he gets to the facts and fights to protect rights and maximize compensation.


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For solid and experienced representation from a top Tallahassee, Florida, personal injury attorney, call (850) 701-8850 or contact us online to set up your free consultation. For our clients’ convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

Questions may be racing through your mind after a car accident in Tallahassee, Florida, such as:

  • Should I get medical treatment?
  • How will my expenses be covered?
  • Do I need an attorney?

You aren’t expected to have all the answers. An experienced car accident attorney can protect your best interests by making sure you know what to do after a car accident. At Amber Hall Law, LLC, we have more than 65 years of legal experience. Attorney Amber Hall understands the concerns keeping you up at night. Get the compensation you are entitled to receive. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


What To Do After An Accident


Whether you endured significant injuries or walked away from the accident with only a few scrapes or bruises, you should:

  • Seek medical treatment — If you were rear-ended, you likely experienced some form of whiplash and other neck injuries. Often, the full extent of a neck and spinal cord injuries can take days or sometimes weeks to appear. We recommend playing it safe and consulting a doctor shortly following a personal injury accident. If you go days or weeks after the accident, the insurance adjuster may claim your injuries are not related to the accident. A doctor can make sure you obtain the right treatment while documenting the cause of the injuries you have endured.
  • Refrain from talking to insurance adjusters — Insurance adjusters make money often at the sake of accident victims. If an insurance adjuster offers a settlement, you may be tempted to accept the offer. However, initial offers often fail to address the current and long-term expenses related to a personal injury accident. The right lawyer will negotiate to help you secure the full amount of compensation you are entitled to today and long-term for any lost wages, medical malpractice expenses and pain and suffering.
  • Consult a skilled Tallahassee, Florida, personal injury lawyer — Car accident claims can be highly complicated. On the surface, the cause of the accident may be clear. However, after conducting a thorough investigation, an experienced lawyer may uncover multiple sources of liability. Attorney Amber Hall has decades of experience reviewing every angle possible when determining the cause of personal injury accidents. If more than one party is responsible, he will seek maximum compensation against all negligent parties.


Protect Your Rights


Contact expert car accident attorney Amber Hall today. You shouldn’t be put at risk financially after experiencing a personal injury accident. If you or your loved one was in a car accident in Tallahassee, Florida, contact Amber Hall Law, LLC, for a free consultation. Attorney Amber Hall prepares car accident claims with enough evidence to prove fault in the trial. Insurance adjusters often make full settlement offers to avoid going up against him in the courtroom.


Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Motorcycles are very popular, and many people like to ride their motorcycles on the public roadways. However, the consequences of a motorcycle accident can be severe, even deadly. Thus, the State of Florida has certain laws relating to the driving of motorcycles on the public highways. If you are riding motorcycles on the Florida public roadways, you should be familiar with the laws. Additionally, it is wise to contact Amber Hall, motorcycle accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida.


Florida Motorcycle Laws


There are laws that control how motorcycles and motor vehicles are to be driven in the lanes. All motorcycles are to be allowed the full use of the lane. No motor vehicle is to be driven so as to deprive the motorcycle of the full use of the lane. The motorcycle operator is not to overtake or pass in the same lane as the motor vehicle, so the passing must be done in a different lane than the one where there is a motor vehicle.

The motorcycle driver is not to operate the motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles. Motorcycles may be driven two abreast in a single lane, but shall not be driven with more than two abreast in a single lane. All motorcycles are to be operated at all times with headlights and taillights illuminated. No person riding upon a motorcycle shall attach himself or herself or the motorcycle to any other vehicle while on a roadway.

Motorcycle drivers and riders must wear helmets. The helmets must comply with the standards set by the Florida Commissioner of Public Safety. A windshield is required unless the driver and passengers are wearing protective eyewear which complies with the standards set by the commissioner of public safety. The commissioner is required to publish the lists of all protective headgear and eyewear which have been approved.

The height of the handlebars on a motorcycle cannot be more than fifteen inches above the seat. The backrest is also prohibited from being designed so as to have a sharp point at its apex. The motorcycles must have footrests for the passengers unless the passengers are riding in a sidecar or enclosed cab. The motorcycle must have a permanent and regular seat.

If a passenger is going to ride on the motorcycle, the motorcycle must be designed to carry a passenger, and the passenger must sit upon a permanent and regular seat which is firmly attached to the motorcycle. This may either be the same seat as the driver if it is designed for two persons or it may be a separate seat which is firmly attached to the motorcycle either at the rear or side of the operator. The persons are to only ride motorcycles while sitting astride the seat, facing forward, with one leg on either side of the motorcycle.

No person is allowed to operate a motorcycle while carrying any package, bundle, or other articles which prevents the driver from keeping both hands on the handlebars.

No driver is to carry any person in a position which interferes with the operation of the motorcycle or the view of the operator.
Every driver and passenger is to wear some type of protective footwear in addition to or other than socks.


Contact Amber Hall, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


These laws are designed to protect the safety of operators and riders of motorcycles. However, accidents do happen and oftentimes injuries occur as the result of the accident. Due to the lack of a steel enclosure around the riders of motorcycles, the resulting injuries are often severe. The injuries can impact careers and personal lives. For solid and experienced representation, call Amber Hall, motorcycle accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, at (850) 701-8850 or contact us online to set up your free consultation. For our clients’ convenience, we accept all major credit cards.


Bicycle Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Bicycles are enjoyable to ride and a great way to exercise. Many bicyclists enjoy riding on the public roadways. Many bike lanes are now being built on the roadways due to the tremendous popularity of bike riding. If you want to ride on either a highway, bicycle lane or on a path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, then you should be familiar with the laws in Florida that apply. In the unfortunate circumstance that you are involved in a bike accident, contact Amber Hall, bicycle accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida.


Florida Bicycle Laws


Any person riding a bicycle may ride it upon a paved shoulder but are not required to do so. Bicyclists may signal a right turn and a left turn using hand and arm movements. A left arm with the arm bent upward or a right arm extended horizontally signals a right turn. A left arm extended horizontally signals a left turn.
No person riding a bicycle is allowed to attach the bicycle or themselves to any vehicle upon a roadway. Bicycle riders are to ride as near to the right side of the roadway except when:

  1. Turning left
  2. Avoiding hazards to safe cycling which include, but are not limited to, surface debris, rough pavement, drain grates, parked or stopped vehicles, and potentially opening car doors
  3. The lane is too narrow to share safely with a motor vehicle
  4. Traveling at the same speed as traffic
  5. Exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction or
  6. There is a right turn only lane and the person operating the bicycle is not turning right, but it is further provided that the person operating the vehicle away from the right side of the roadway shall exercise reasonable care and shall give due consideration to the other applicable rules of the road.

Persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall not ride more than two abreast unless on bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, or when there is a special event permit issued by a local governing authority which permits the riding or more than two bicycles abreast.

Whenever a usable bicycle path has been provided which is adjacent to a roadway and is designated for the exclusive use of bicycle riders, then the governing authority may require that the bicycle riders use the bicycle path only and not use the roadway. Any person operating a bicycle in a bicycle lane shall ride in the same direction as traffic on the roadway.

No one operating a bicycle is allowed to carry a package, bundle, or another article which prevents him or her from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars.
All bicycles, when operated at night, shall be equipped with a light on the front which emits a white light which is visible from a distance of 300 feet to the front and a light on the back which emits a red light which is visible from a distance of 300 feet to the rear.
Anyone under the age of sixteen is required to wear a helmet if the bike is being ridden on a highway, bicycle path, bicycle lane or sidewalk under the jurisdiction and control of Florida or a local political subdivision.

A bicycle helmet must meet or exceed the impact standards for bicycle helmets set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Snell Memorial Foundation.


Bicycle Laws Involving Passengers


  • Anyone riding a bicycle must ride upon or astride a permanent and regular seat attached to the bicycle and shall not allow anyone to ride upon the handlebars.
  • No bicycle is to be used to carry more passengers than the bike is designed to carry.
  • No person is allowed to transport a child under the age of one year as a passenger on a bicycle on a highway, roadway, bicycle path, bicycle lane, or sidewalk; however, a child under the age of one may be transported on a bicycle trailer or carried in an infant sling according to the bicycle trailers or infant sling’s manufacturer’s instructions, and the bicycle trailer must be properly attached to the bicycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions or the infant sling must be properly worn by the rider of the bicycle according to the infant sling’s manufacturer’s instructions.
  • No child between the ages of one year and four years shall ride as a passenger on a bicycle or bicycle trailer or be carried in an infant sling unless the child is securely seated in a child passenger bicycle seat, bicycle trailer, or infant sling according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the device is properly attached to the bicycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions or the infant sling is worn according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    While this is the law, it is also specifically stated in the law, that failure to comply with the law regarding the child and infant regulations is not considered to be negligence per se nor contributory negligence or liability.
  • No person who is under the age of sixteen years is to be fined or imprisoned for violating the provisions relating to the carrying of children between the ages of birth to four years.

These laws are for the safety of bike riders. However, accidents do happen to motor vehicles and bicycles. These are becoming more frequent due to the increased riding of bicycles on the roadways, especially in congested traffic areas.


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For solid representation from Amber Hall, bicycle accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, call (850) 701-8850 or contact us online to set up your free consultation. For our clients’ convenience, we accept all major credit cards.


Truck Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Operating an 18-wheel semi requires in-depth training and skills. It also places responsibility on operators to adhere to not only rules of the road, but also strict federal regulations that govern their chosen industry. Trucking companies must also abide by set mandates to ensure safety for everyone, particularly those drivers sharing the road with the truck. When one of these drivers fails to drive responsibly, devastating accidents can result and the victims often need the help of an experienced Tallahassee, Florida, truck accident lawyer.

Since 2009, Amber Hall, truck accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, has provided dedicated and aggressive representation for decades. He is an experienced attorney skilled in courtroom litigation, which is important in cases involving serious injury and death due to the negligence of a truck driver.


Federal Regulations For Truck Drivers


Federal regulations require truck drivers to take regular breaks and limit their time on the road to ensure they get the rest they need. Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Loads carried must be within strict requirements. Trucking companies must provide ongoing maintenance and necessary repairs.
When truckers and their employers fall short of any regulation, accidents can occur, leading to life-changing injuries and the tragic loss of a loved one.
While a thorough investigation of the semi truck wreck scene and black box data is important, trial experience is vital in trucking accident claims. Trucking companies possess aggressive legal counsel and significant insurance policies. Possessing a reputation for litigating personal injury claims often facilities the process of settlement that maximizes compensation.


Were You Involved In A Semi Truck Accident?


If a truck accident has caused injuries to you or a loved one, you want to make certain the attorney you choose to represent you is well-versed in handling these particular types of motor vehicle accident claims which are different from a motorcycle accident or car accident. Tractor trailer and truck accidents in the state of Florida can and often do get quite complicated primarily due to intertwining of federal and state laws.

Another issue involves the number of parties who might and can be held liable for the accident involved. Car and truck accident attorney Amber Hall of Amber Hall Law, LLC, is completely versed in all these laws and how and when they overlap. He is also completely skilled in handling ongoing negotiations simultaneously involving multiple parties. Amber Hall has built a very successful track record in his dealings with these cases that are so often quite complex, collecting damages needed by our clients in their recovery efforts from personal injury involved with the crash involving the tractor-trailer or truck.
You may have your claim reviewed today and find out just how attorney Amber Hall can be of help to you by completing our case review form. You may discover that you do have legal recourse to recover for your losses any compensation that might be due.


Florida Truck Accident Lawsuit Process


Very quickly after the accident happens, analysts for the insurance company get to the place of occurrence so they might gather all the information they possibly can in their attempt to limit the potential liability for their client. This is why it is vitally important that you get in touch with the attorney that will represent you so that they might also quickly conduct an investigation of their own as well.

One must always keep in mind that insurance companies are in business to make money, therefore they are going to look to get you to agree to a settlement quickly that will be a low-ball one. It is important you keep in mind both at the scene and in the course of the insurance company’s investigation that you do not discuss your injuries or anything about the accident except with your attorney and your physician. The insurance company is always going to be seeking to get anything they can that they can work against you. Let your attorney take care of all discussions with all parties involved as they will be working on your behalf.


  • Claim Creation: The attorney representing you will create your claim based on the information they have gathered during the investigation they instituted on your behalf. That claim is going to describe the injuries you sustained, seek compensation for the losses you have incurred, and show just how the opposing party was careless and negligent and fully responsible for those injuries that were incurred. That claim they establish will be the foundation of your Florida truck accident lawsuit, and this suit may then be resolved by arbitration, settlement negotiations or litigation.
  • Negotiations: It is quite likely the insurer and your attorney will attempt to negotiate an equitable settlement financially without having to go to court. If they don’t reach an agreement, after your lawsuit has been filed with the state, they will undergo another round of negotiations to try and settle matters. The case will then proceed to court if they are not able to come to an agreement.
  • Litigation: Both parties involved will present their case to a judge and/or jury. They will then consider the matter and render a verdict. That verdict will stress who was at fault in the matter, and what compensation you are entitled to receive.


Tallahassee, Florida, 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer


For solid and experienced representation from an experienced Tallahassee, Florida, personal injury attorney, call (850) 701-8850 or contact us online to set up your free consultation. For our clients’ convenience, we accept all major credit cards.


Slip and Fall Lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida


Have you fallen or slipped to the point where you hurt yourself? These types of accidents can initially appear to be harmless, but sometimes they result in long-term, lingering injuries. Depending on where the accident occurred, it could have happened because someone was negligent in properly taking care of the property.

Sometimes property owners don’t clean up after spills, or neglect to repair broken or cracked sidewalks, stairs, etc…. This could make them responsible for your injuries. If this has happened to you or someone you know, it is important that legal representation is followed to allow the victim in this incident full compensation if the law allows it. You may be entitled to receive compensation to help pay your medical expenses.

Slip and fall lawyer Amber Hall is your ideal option if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident and need to receive compensation for your injuries. Whether the incident occurred in a shopping mall, grocery store or office building, attorney Stockton will work with you to determine the viability of a potential lawsuit. Property owners are required by the law in Florida, to ensure that their premises are free from any type of dangerous hazards that may result in injuries.
If this requirement has not been adhered to and you have suffered injuries as a result of unsafe property conditions, then you may be able to recover monetary damages, with the assistance of a slip and fall lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida.


How Attorney Amber Hall Can Help With These Claims


Attorney Amber Hall can assist in determining whether your case is a viable one. In the process of handling the claim, your slip and fall lawyer may:

  • Gather Evidence: To prove negligence on the part of the owner or occupier in the maintenance of the property, and also that your injuries were contributed to by this negligence. In ascertaining this your attorney may:
    • Visit the actual scene of the accident
    • Take relevant photographs of the dangerous condition
    • Review the video surveillance to determine the length of time the unsafe condition existed
    • Question the witnesses
    • Obtain copies of the accident reports
    • Review the operational records of the store and their cleaning logs


It is important that an attorney is contacted promptly after a slip and fall accident has occurred, as witnesses may forget any important details. Also, over time key pieces of evidence may be misplaced or destroyed. Depositions will be taken from store employees by the attorney in some cases, to determine if the area where the accident occurred was cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.


Assess Injuries and Necessary Medical Treatment


Your medical records will be reviewed by your attorney to determine the extent of your injuries. Additionally, working with a medical expert will afford the attorney the opportunity, to be able to offer testimony regarding any medical treatments needed for your recovery, as well as rehabilitation procedures.
Injured victims in any slip and fall cases, suffer back injuries which are difficult to diagnose and treat, with the severity becoming apparent several months after a slip and fall accident has occurred. To ensure full compensation for any damages suffered, a medical expert will be required to properly evaluate the extent of your injuries.


Negotiate a Settlement


There may be some instances that the attorney may be able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement, with either the owner of the property or their respective insurance company. This usually occurs when property owners and insurance companies want to avoid the costs associated with a jury trial and any negative media reports that may result.

Any evidence regarding the economic and non-economic damages incurred due to the slip and fall accident may be presented by your attorney as a part of the settlement process. The case will be prepared for trial by your attorney if the negotiations for a settlement result in an unsatisfactory offer.


Elements of a Florida Slip and Fall Lawsuit


There are two elements according to Florida law, that someone who has been injured in a slip and fall accident must satisfy, in order for the claim to be considered valid:

  1. The owner of the property had knowledge of the existence of the dangerous condition, or through the use of due care should have reasonably known that the condition existed.
  2. The injured victim had no knowledge of the dangerous condition.

Your slip and fall lawyer has to present evidence, to prove that the owner of the property should have known about the dangerous condition. The evidence would include proof that the dangerous condition had existed for a very long period of time, so if the owner had exercised reasonable care during the inspection of the premises, he or she would have discovered its existence. For example, evidence could be presented that the employees in a department store were in the immediate vicinity of the location of the dangerous condition, and the hazard should have been noticed and removed.

Additional evidence could be presented by your attorney, concerning the fact the store was understaffed, and consequently, the owner of the store failed to satisfy the duty to ensure that the property is maintained free from hazards.


Dealing with Insurance Companies in Slip and Fall Cases


In several cases, the insurance companies for property owners attempt to avoid any liability, by claiming that somehow the victim could have chosen to walk around the dangerous condition, but did not do so. The insurance companies, soon after an accident has occurred, have in cases asked leading questions of the slip and fall victims, in an attempt to let them make concessions inadvertently, with the intention to use them to limit the liability of the insurance company, if a lawsuit is filed.

An example would be when insurance companies try to argue that the “open and obvious doctrine” applies, by claiming that the injured person was not concentrating on where he or she was walking, and therefore failed to exercise due care. A property owner is not liable for injuries under the “open and obvious doctrine” if the existence of the dangerous condition was obvious. This doctrine implies then, that the injured person voluntarily walked into the dangerous condition. It is important that prior to giving any statements to an insurance company, you consult an attorney who will advise you on your rights under the laws of Florida.


Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents


Any of the following can indicate negligence on the part of either the property owner or occupier:

  • Improper maintenance of roads, sidewalks, and buildings
  • Failure to display proper safety signs and warnings
  • Unlit walkways
  • Hazardous staircases or escalators, which includes broken steps, any missing handles, or other malfunction
  • Wet, unmarked surfaces
  • Hazardous material in the path of a pedestrian
  • Building code violations
  • Understaffed nursing homes

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


The decision to place an elderly or disabled family member in a nursing home requires careful selection of the best facility. Conducting research and visiting several locations is necessary to find the right fit. Once a nursing home is selected, a bond of trust is established that the staff of that facility will maintain the highest standards of care.

In many cases, victims and their loved ones are not aware of the nursing regulations and laws that exist in the State of Florida. That said, it is very important to understand one’s rights if they have a loved one currently residing in a nursing home in this state. If for instance, your dad is currently in a home, you need to understand your father’s rights pertaining to personal injury.

In Florida nursing homes, it is mandatory to have professional staff. This must include at least a physician, a registered nurse, and a dentist. Every patient in the nursing home must have the opportunity to see the physician at least once a month. All nursing homes are also required to have competent and certified dieticians within their premises to ensure that all meals served are nutritious, with special food for all individuals with special health needs. This also applies to snacks.


Responsibilities of the Nursing Home Facility


Every nursing home is also required to provide professional social services. This is in order to assist patients to handle emotional, social and mental issues that they may be facing in their lives. Pharmaceutical services are also required to be provided in accordance with State and Federal regulations.
In Florida, all nursing homes are legally required to be maintained in hospitable conditions. This means following proper sanitation guidelines, cleaning linen and clothes as well as making sure that the nursing home is devoid of debris. Unfortunately, an alarmingly high number of residents in nursing homes become sick every year due to germs and bacteria brought about by insufficient sanitizing and cleaning. All nursing homes are also required to have programs for proper infection control.

Moreover, social and recreational activities, as well as suitable companionship, must also be provided for all residents within the nursing home. Though it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they’ll take part, the option needs to be provided. Loved ones and family members should also be allowed visitation to see their relatives in the nursing home. However, the scheduling and times of visitation may vary across various homes.
Emotional and physical abuse is strictly forbidden. This can be described as pushing, scratching, hitting, neglect, belittling or any other activity directed towards a resident with malicious intent. At times, it may be difficult for one to ascertain abuse for minor incidents. This happens when a resident is ignored or is complaining of taunts or other actions that appear insignificant at first glance. Regardless of how trivial the issue may seem, however, one needs to look out for even the seemingly insignificant warning signs. In some cases, slight forms of abuse in a nursing home could build up into more serious problems if left unattended. For further clarification, one could consult a nursing home abuse lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, for assistance.


A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida, Protecting The Rights Of Victims


When abuse and neglect are discovered, immediate action is required to protect a loved one and hold the nursing home accountable. Since 1997, personal injury lawyer Amber Hall of Amber Hall Law, LLC, has provided aggressive and compassionate representation when negligence resulted in serious injuries or wrongful death.

Fact-finding is paramount in showing a connection between the injuries suffered by a nursing home resident and the actions or inactions of facility staff. Serious and deadly injuries can take the form of bed sores, malnutrition, and dehydration. In building strong cases and seeking justice for his clients, personal injury attorney Amber Hall conducts in-depth investigations while family members deal with the personal issues and fallout involving their loved one.

The goal is to maximize compensation and secure justice on their behalf, even if that involves a trial.


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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


The physics of a car striking a pedestrian is simple and tragic. Inattentive motorists more interested in checking their texts than paying attention to the road create unseen hazards. If you or a family member suffered serious injuries in a pedestrian accident, do not speak to insurance adjusters. Take immediate action and secure aggressive representation from a seasoned and skilled pedestrian accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida.


Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida, Seeking Maximum Compensation


Whether you were walking in a crosswalk or walking between two parked cars to get to your destination, drivers of cars and trucks have a responsibility to maintain complete awareness of their surroundings. Speeding limits reaction time as does drunk driving. Using a cell phone for calling or texting takes eyes off the road.

At Amber Hall Law, LLC, attorney Amber Hall dedicates all his resources to a pedestrian injury claim. From securing witness statements to working with accident reconstructionists, he will uncover all the facts involved, identify liability and how much accident victims are entitled to.
His track record of trial experience and success often leads to settlements that maximize compensation. With experience that goes back to 1997, insurance companies are well aware of his willingness to litigate complex cases involving a pedestrian hit by a car.


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Premises Liability Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Have you experienced injury due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property? Recovery of compensation for medical bills, absence from work and any other accident-related losses may be possible. However, the strength of your case reduces, the longer you wait to commence legal action.
To find out about your rights and options, contact Amber Hall Law, LLC.. As a professional premises liability lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, Amber Hall will provide assistance in making an informed decision, which can affect your well being and future.
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If you sustained injuries on the property of someone else, it is within your right to hold them liable for any serious injuries.

The owner of the property implicitly acknowledges an agreement with you as a visitor or customer, once you enter their home, business, facility or any place considered to be their domain, that the property is in a safe condition. If any hazards exist, they should be removed or identified in an obvious way, to prevent accidents and the possibility of someone getting hurt. If the owner of the property does not adhere to this agreement, and he or she is negligent in the maintenance of the property which results in you having an accident which severely affects you, they can be held liable for any damages related to the accident.
Amber Hall, a premises liability lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, has been providing quality legal representation in cases of premises liability lawsuits for decades. His vast experience and expertise in the premises liability laws of Florida, allows him to have gained a reputation for success.


Do I Have A Valid Premises Liability Case?


Premises liability laws in Florida hold owners of property to specific standards of care, which include satisfactory maintenance of the premises, contracted security and staff that are competent, proper lighting as well as other safety factors.
For the premises liability laws to be applicable, there are some circumstances which must be in place:

  • The defendant is the owner of the land or “premises”.
  • The plaintiff must have been invited or be a licensee.
  • Negligence by the defendant must have been the cause of the accident.
  • A requirement of the law of Florida is that whether children belong on the owner’s premises or not, they must be kept safe.
  • Public sidewalks must also be maintained by property owners to the front of their premises. Any hazards which are potentially dangerous and can cause accidents to anyone passing by on a sidewalk or public street, must be removed.


What’s the Difference between Invitees, Licensees, and Trespassers?


Persons who are allowed on premises to transact business with the owner are invitees, and the highest level of care is due to them. An example of this is a shopper.
A licensee is invited on the premises for non-commercial reasons, so a friend or guest would be one such example.
Trespassers have some amount of rights, although they are owed the lowest level of care. They do not have to be warned of natural hazards such as prickly bushes, but if the property owner is aware of them trespassing, they must be informed of any man-made hazards that are dangerous.


What are the Common Conditions in Premises Liability Cases?


There are several conditions on which a premises liability claim case can be based.
Some of these common conditions include the following among others:

  • Slippery or wet conditions
  • Inadequate security measures
  • Toxic exposure
  • Stairways and elevators that are not sufficiently maintained
  • Dangerous animals
  • Several injuries can result from an accident, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, damage to internal organs, and illness among others.


Compassionate Legal Representation


Amber Hall Law, LLC, will go the extra mile to ensure that your case is handled efficiently throughout its duration. Attorney Amber Hall will ensure you are kept informed and at ease. As you and your family concentrate on rebuilding your life, we will handle the complex details of your case. Call (850) 701-8850 or contact us online for a free consultation.


Product Liability Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Throughout the course of a normal day, from infancy to adulthood, we come in contact with and utilize a myriad of products. As infants, we’re sleeping in a crib, lounging in a playpen, traveling in a car seat, and biting our favorite teething toy. During childhood, we’re riding a bicycle, mesmerized by an electronic device, or engaged in an outdoor activity involving some type of sports paraphernalia. As adults, we’re regularly operating a vehicle, using an appliance, or utilizing some type of tool. These are merely a few examples of products manufactured to enhance everyday living. The list is endless. Contact a product liability lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida.

Most of us simply assume that if a product is on the market, it must be safe. In fact, the safety of a product is likely a topic to which we rarely give a second thought. To be fair, most products are properly designed and pass quality control testing with flying colors. Occasionally, however, shoddy products with the potential to cause harm reach unknowing consumers trusting of their safety. While this certainly isn’t the norm, even one injury caused by poor product design is inexcusable. To address such negligence and protect buyers, the Consumer Product Safety Commission was created by the Federal Government.


The Manufacturer Must Be Held Accountable For Your Pain And Suffering


While the Consumer Product Safety Commission serves to lessen the risk of injury and, in some cases, death, it cannot prevent it 100% of the time. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of a negligently manufactured product, you are entitled to compensation.
Whether it was the manufacturer or retailer liable for making the faulty product available to consumers, you have probable cause for a lawsuit. Poorly designed products have the potential to result in serious, sometimes permanent, injury.

You simply trusted that the manufacturer employed proper design strategy and that all of the necessary precautions were taken during safety testing. In return for your trust, you are left with tremendous pain and suffering, mounting medical costs, and lost wages. Injuries sustained from a defective product can be life-altering, and result in not only physical but emotional distress. You are not responsible, but the responsible party needs to be held accountable.


Amber Hall Law, LLC, Will Fight For You


Attorney Amber Hall will passionately and aggressively fight the large legal staffs and insurance companies representing the manufacturer. He will not be intimidated. He will not back down. Product liability cases can be quite challenging. He is well-equipped to build a solid case clearly proving that your injuries were the direct result of the manufacturer’s or retailer’s negligence. As a victim, we strongly urge that you contact us immediately before any evidence is lost. Call (850) 701-8850 for a free consultation. No amount of monetary compensation can alleviate your pain, but it can relieve the financial burdens stemming from your injuries.


Burn Injury Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


Amber Hall, burn injury lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, takes a special interest in cases of burn injuries. He has witnessed the quality of life from that of a traumatic burn victim suffer greatly. He also knows that burn injuries can lead to physical and psychological trauma, increased expenditure and lower standards of living. This suffering should not be overlooked if it wasn’t the victim’s fault or if the accident happened in the workplace. Unfortunately, some victims of burn injuries do not get their full compensation because the insurance company for the workplace tries to minimize expenses. This is why it is important to have an attorney who is an expert in these types of injuries such as burn injury lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, Amber Hall.


Contact A Burn Injury Lawyer In Tallahassee, Florida


It is easier to deal with first degree burns than the second, third and fourth-degree types. If there is someone dear to you with a burn injury, Amber Hall Law, LLC, will fight on your behalf, as we recognize the trauma you have most likely already suffered. Call us today and speak with Personal Injury Attorney Amber Hall, one of the best personal injury lawyers in Tallahassee, Florida, to receive maximum compassion and justice for your injuries.

Drowning Accident Attorney In Tallahassee, Florida


Sadly, Amber Hall Law, LLC, realizes that drowning accidents are not all that uncommon in Northeast Ga. We understand that many families spend their summer leisure time in hot tubs and swimming pools, rivers, and lakes. However, drowning accidents can change a family’s life forever. Contact a drowning accident lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida.

Statistics shows that drowning is the second highest leading cause of death in young children, particularly those that are aged one to fourteen years old.
Any swimming area can be a dangerous place. In fact, thousands of youngsters are brain damaged due to defective pool gates, defective pool drains, negligent life-guarding, defective swimming pool fencing, inadequate supervision or defective pool pumps. It is worth noting that a non-fatal hot-tub or swimming pool accident can also be life-changing. The person may be paralyzed or suffer spinal cord injury.
Attorney Amber Hall is experienced at representing victims of swimming pool accidents.


What Type of Lawyer Deals with Drowning Accidents?


In general, a personal injury attorney will deal with someone who has had an accident in a swimming pool. The same kind of attorney will deal with drowning accidents. Attorney Amber Hall is on hand to help any family who has lost a loved one through such an accident. A family that has lost a loved one in a drowning accident needs understanding, legal advice and above all support. We have represented many who have been involved in swimming pool and hot tub accidents.

Amber Hall, drowning accident attorney in Tallahassee, Florida, has represented clients with complex cases. He has successfully gained compensation from motels, hotels, municipal swimming pools, pump manufacturers, swimming pool drain manufacturers, homeowners and athletics clubs. He has handled numerous claims arising from unacceptable safety standards. Many drowning accidents are a result of:

  • Discolored or murky water
  • Lack of depth indicators
  • Improper or defective safety equipment, such as Sheppard’s Hooks or throwing ropes
  • Broken swimming pool drains
  • Faulty pool pumps
  • Inadequate safety fencing
  • Improper child supervision
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • Failure to cover hot tub or swimming pool drains
  • Unsafe or defective swimming pool equipment, such as gates, ladders, fences, pool drains, diving boards
  • Overcrowded pools
  • Broken or weak pool ladders
  • Pool drain entrapment
  • Non-working pool lights
  • Improperly trained or negligent lifeguards


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