One of our main areas of concentration is personal injury law. We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases for many years in the Tallahassee area.


Personal injury law includes all types of serious injuries involving:


Immediately after being injured in an auto accident or by the negligence of others, you are thrown into an adversarial legal system that is complex and confusing.


How To Handle Insurance Companies


While you are still receiving initial treatment for your personal injury in a hospital emergency room, the parties at fault have already notified their insurance company of the accident.

Every insurance company has in place a team of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys whose sole responsibility is to limit the liability of the insurance company and minimize the amount of money they will be required to pay “innocent” auto accident victims or those injured by the negligence of their clients. In some cases, you may even be asked submit the results of a drug screening test to see if intoxication played any part of the accident.




You need an experienced Tallahassee personal injury attorney to ensure that you are appropriately compensated for your personal injuries, and that any possible recovery is not minimized by an insurance company with a self-serving agenda.

You need the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney to guide you through the system to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation allowable by law for your personal injury.

There are many mistakes that can be made during the initial stages of a personal injury claim that cannot be undone by even the most experienced personal injury attorneys. We believe that our personal injury firm can help “level the playing field” by providing auto accident and personal injury victims with an accurate, straightforward source of information regarding the legal and practical aspects surrounding the auto compensation and insurance claims system.


Legal Representation Dedicated to Your Rights


The Tallahassee personal injury attorney Amber Hall is dedicated to providing each client with skilled representation that uses resources gained from years of success. Through her assistance, defendants can create a well-rounded case that will give them the best chance of having charges reduced or dismissed.

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